Frequently Asked Questions

Got any questions? We have the answers! Our FAQ section contains answers to frequently asked questions about our products and services, as well as our company.

Questions about our products (color, material, applications, etc.)

How can I find the right packaging for my product?

We offer three convenient options:

  • Use our intuitive product finder to perform a convenient product search using filters and inputs.
  • Choose the appropriate application area and navigate to a selection of applicable products.
  • Use our powerful and fast search function to find your product in no time at all. This tool works well if you already know the name and/or exact description of the product you’re looking for.

You can also contact us the old-fashioned way by phone on +82 32 3248 332 or email to

Do rose plastic products carry the CE mark?

EEA countries are required by law to carry the CE mark on certain products (e.g., machinery, medical devices, toys, etc.). Our packaging only requires licensing when being used for packaging these types of items. On request, the CE mark can be printed on our packaging. You can find additional information about this under promotional labeling.

What are the standard materials? Which material is recommended for which packaging?

We use many different raw materials due to the diverse nature of our products. Generally, we designate one standard material or a small selection of standard materials per product group. Precise information is available on the respective product page or the respective data sheet.

The majority of our products are made from polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (PE), or polyvinyl chloride (PVC). To make it easier for you to select the best material, we summarizes below the main properties of these three materials.

PP (polypropylene)

  • dimensionally stable up to +110 °C
  • not resistant to cold
  • resistant to weak acids, alkalis, alcohol, some oils and alkaline solutions
  • not resistant to oxidants and hydrocarbons
  • not suitable for heavy articles
  • in the undyed state: “transparent” – translucent but cloudy

PE (polyethylene)

  • cold-resistant
  • resistant to acids, alkalis, saline solutions, alcohol, oil, gasoline
  • not resistant to hydrocarbons
  • robust, suitable for heavy articles
  • in the undyed state: “natural” – milky white, not translucent

PVC (polyvinylchloride)

  • robust and highly transparent
  • high mechanical strength
  • highly resistant to chemicals, resistant to most acids, alkalis, saline solutions
  • in the undyed state: “clear” – highly transparent / crystal clear
Which sustainable materials do we use?

At rose plastic, we have been actively looking at alternative materials for our plastic packaging for many years. Nowadays, a good packaging not only perfectly protects your product, but also our environment.
This is precisely why a large number of our products are now made from recycled material or bioplastic. And these protect just as reliably as their counterparts made from standard materials. In the following, we have summarized the most important properties of these materials.


  • plastic waste becomes valuable raw material and supports the circular economy with sustainable use of resources an significant savings of climate-damaging CO2
  • the packaging may contain small, visible inclusions
  • blow-molded articles have a slightly textured internal surface
  • stress whitening is more pronounced with film hinges. Nevertheless, the hinges are functionally sound
  • the packaging has a slight odor


  • sugarcane already binds CO2 as it grows
  • it is identical to conventionally manufactured packaging in terms of its appearance and use
  • the organic HDPE we use is 100% recycable and can be returned to the material loop together with PE produced from fossil raw materials
  • two quality seals prove that our sugarcane production and the rest of the supply chain meets strict quality requirements
Can different materials be combined in a two-part packaging tube?

No, because the different materials (PP, PE, PVC, etc.) each have a different shrinkage factor and the individual components may not fit together properly.

Which standard colors are available?

Our standard range consists of 21 colors, displayed on the adjacent color scale. Most of our polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (PE) products are available in our standard colors with minimum order quantities.

We also offer our products made from recycled material in a range of standard colors. The color representation may differ from the above shades depending on the recycled raw material used. We are sure to find a solution for the perfect representation of your corporate design in combination with our sustainable recycled products.

Note: Depending on your monitor settings, the actual colors may differ slightly. On request, we will gladly send you color samples in the material of your choice.

Is the packaging also available in customized colors?

If you want to use a distinctive color for your packaging, you’ve come to the right place! We provide various options to customize the color of your ordered products.

  • Simply choose your desired color from our standard range. Most of our packaging solutions are available in 21 attractive standard colors with certain minimum order quantities.
  • In addition to the standard colors, we also offer our customers a range of special colors. However, these are only available with certain materials. Please note that packaging in special colors is subject to a surcharge.
  • You can also request a customized color for your order. If you forward color information from a standardized color system (HKS, Pantone, RAL, etc.), or simply send us a color sample. We can create the packaging in your unique color, exclusively for you. This process requires additional time and effort and is therefore subject to additional costs.

No matter which solution you choose, we will be happy to fulfill your request.

Note: Packaging in specific colors generally involves longer delivery times as it is made to order.

What is the difference between transparent, natural, and clear?

The terms transparent, natural, and clear refer to the undyed state of various plastic materials.

  • PVC (polyvinylchloride): “clear” – highly transparent / crystal clear
  • PP (polypropylene): “transparent” – translucent but cloudy
  • PE (polyethylene): “natural” – milky white, not translucent
What do “batch” and “additive” mean?

A raw plastic granulate (PP / PE / PVC) is used in the production of plastic packaging. To dye the plastics, a color batch is added to the raw granules. Further additives can be used to give the packaging specific characteristics, such as UV stabilization or anti-static properties. Depending on the product, the following additives are possible for special production orders:

  • UV additives prevent the material from being damaged by UV radiation. However, they do not prevent the container from being exposed to UV radiation.
  • ESD additives prevent the packaging from undergoing harmful electrostatic charging and rapid discharging processes. You can choose between dissipative or conductive materials.
  • VCI additives inhibit corrosion processes within the packaged goods, e.g. the formation of rust or patina.
  • Laserbatches enable the plastics to be labeled via laser radiation.

Please contact our customer service team to discuss your specific requirements. We will be happy to advise you about the technical feasibility of your request.

Is the packaging marked with a recycling symbol, e.g., the “Green Dot”?

No, our packaging is not marked with the “Green dot” recycling symbol. According to the German packaging ordinance (Deutsche Verpackungsverordnung), all sales packaging that is intended for end customers must be connected to a dual system of waste collection. However, packaging only becomes “sales packaging” when it is filled with goods. We sell our products exclusively to corporate customers from industry, trade, and commerce. As a result, we are not required to participate in a dual system for waste collection.

Questions about custom requests (accessories, printing)

None of your packaging solutions are ideal for my product. What are my options?

rose plastic offers an extensive variety of packaging products across more than 90 product groups and in numerous sizes, materials, and colors. Most of our packaging can be customized and refined at the customer’s request. You can find useful tips to help you find the perfect packaging here.

In the event you have reviewed our extensive list of products and customizing options and still can’t find the “perfect” package - no problem! We'll work with you to develop tailor-made packaging for your product! Find out how this process works here.

You can also contact us for more information – we’ll be happy to guide you through our product and customization options.

Can my company license one of your standard products exclusively for our use?

Our standard product range includes standardized packaging solutions that are suitable for universal use in a large number of areas. As a result, we do not offer exclusivity for these products. However, exclusivity is possible with customized packaging solutions, developed in collaboration with customers and tailored to their requirements.

Is there also the option to add promotional labeling/printing to the plastic packaging?

Yes – almost all our plastic packaging products are suitable for printing in one or more colors. Depending on the product, you can choose between screen printing, pad printing, thermal transfer printing, or digital printing. We will be happy to advise you about this – we will also create all necessary print templates based on your information or templates (logo, etc.). Subject to your prior approval, your packaging will be finished with your desired imprint at our in-house print shop.

As an alternative to printing, you can also order your packaging in a “laser-compatible” design. For this we use special plastic formulations that make it possible to add inscriptions, logos, etc. via lasering. On request, we can put you in touch with specialist companies that offer this service.

Almost all of our products provide a sufficiently large surface for imprints. Alternatively, you can attach your own label or tag to these areas.

Feel free to contact us for more information. Our customer service team will advise you about the various options we can offer you directly from a single source – with uncompromising quality and attractive prices.

What is the standard procedure for getting my packaging printed?

1. In order to print on your packaging, we require the following information from you:

  • Which product will be printed?
  • The position of the print on the packaging
  • The color based on a standardized color system (HKS, Pantone, RAL)
  • The print layout (e.g., your company logo) as a vector file (file formats: EPS, AI, CDR)

2. Upon receipt of the documents, our print shop will check the feasibility and create a print proposal. We will send you the print proposal as a PDF file and finalize the details with you.

3. Following customer approval, the approved imprint will be applied to the packaging at our in-house print shop.

How much does the printing cost?

Unfortunately, we can’t answer this question on a flat-rate basis because printing costs vary depending on a variety of factors, such as the product, purchase quantity, and printing process. We would be happy to advise you regarding the printing options available and their associated costs.

Are additional foam inserts available for the packaging?

We can supply suitable foam inserts for most of the packaging products in our extensive product range. As standard, we offer a selection of rigid polyethylene (PE) foam and soft polyurethane (PUR) foam in a variety of colors. We can usually deliver stock items with the packaging within 1–2 weeks.

The packaging and foam inserts are shipped separately to your location. On request, the packaging can be shipped with the inserts already installed. Please contact our customer service team to discuss your specific requirements.

Can I have customized cutouts in my foam?

Yes, on request we can make foam inserts with individual cutouts. We require an exact drawing of the cutouts. Please indicate the number and precise dimensions of the cutouts on the drawing. Once we’ve checked the feasibility, a member of our customer service team will contact you.

Is the packaging also available with a hanger?

Yes, with certain minimum order quantities most of our tubes, boxes, and cassettes are available with round-hole or Eurohole hangers.

Note: Packaging solutions with additional hangers have longer delivery times as they are made to order.

Questions about the ordering process (price, minimum order quantity, availability, etc.)

Where can I find the corresponding price information?

Prices are not displayed on our website or data sheets. We will gladly provide you with a quotation on request.

What’s the difference between stock items and special production items?

To ensure fast delivery, we stock a wide range of our tubes, boxes, cases, etc. in selected materials and colors. From a minimum order value of € 150 (net) per order, the stock items can be delivered directly from our warehouse (minimum quantity: 1 packaging unit (PU)). The standard delivery time is usually 1–2 weeks (subject to prior sale).

All items not available directly from stock are made to order. They generally have higher minimum purchase quantities and longer delivery times (typically 4–6 weeks from receipt of order/payment or drawing approval). Please contact us for detailed information about the minimum order quantity of the respective products.

What is the minimum order quantity?

The minimum order quantity for stock items is one complete packaging unit (PU). All other items that are not directly available from stock are made to order. The minimum order quantity depends on the product group, but is usually more than one PU. Please contact us for detailed information about the minimum order quantity of the respective products.

What is the minimum order value?

€ 150 (net) per order.

Can I get samples of all your products?

On request, we can send samples for most items.

How can I place an order?

Please contact our customer service team. We will be happy to provide a customized quotation for you. If you’re unsure about which product you need, our customer service and sales team will be happy to assist you. Contact us now.

Orders can be easily placed via e-mail (ideally by replying to our quotation e-mail). On request, we can also connect to major customers electronically via EDI to enable automated order placement.

Is it possible to purchase only outer or internal parts?

In principle, yes, if a suitable tool is available for the desired article size. Please contact our customer service department for information on individual packaging availability.

Can I receive a partial delivery of an existing order in advance?

This is only available on a case by case basis.

Can I add items to an existing order?

Yes, this is possible on request, depending on the order status.

Can I cancel an order or part thereof?

Yes, this is possible on request, depending on the order status.

As an end customer, can I order packaging from rose plastic? Where can I buy smaller quantities (less than one PU)?

Our product range is aimed exclusively at corporate clients from industry, trade and commerce. Therefore, we only supply our high-quality packaging solutions to our customers in complete packaging units (PU). As a corporate customer you can also purchase selected standard products in smaller quantities from our packaging distributors. As an end user, you can purchase selected standard products via the rose plastic Amazon shop or from our packaging distributors.

Questions about delivery (shipping, delivery times, payment options, etc.)

How long does delivery take?

The standard delivery time for stock items is approximately 1–2 weeks (subject to prior sale). For items that are not available directly from stock, the standard delivery time is approximately. 4–6 weeks from receipt of order/payment or drawing approval. This may differ for specific products – the shipping date will be shown on the order confirmation.

Is express shipping possible?

Yes, express shipping is possible subject to a surcharge.

How are the goods packaged?

Our products are packaged in cardboard boxes. For set items, which consist of an outer part (A) and an inner part (I), the outer part and inner part are packed in separate boxes. Special packaging is only available on request.

Questions about customer service

How can I find a contact at rose plastic? How can I make an appointment with my contact?

Very easily – simply contact us! Call us on +82 32 3248 332 or send us an email with details of your requirements.

A member of the respective team will contact you once we have reviewed your request.

I am dissatisfied with a product. How can I register a complaint about a delivery?

We want you to be 100% satisfied with our products and customer service. Despite our strict production standards and quality controls, should you have grounds for complaint we will endeavor to solve the problem as quickly as possible. Please understand that we will first need to check the reason for your complaint to ensure we can resolve the problem as quickly and smoothly as possible.

To start this process, please contact our customer service team, stating your customer, order number, and contact details (if not already provided). Please state the reason for your complaint in as much detail as possible and, if requested, please also send us the rejected products. We will confirm whether you need to send us all of the products or just a sufficiently large sample.

If your complaint is accepted, we will contact you to arrange a solution as soon as possible. You can also get in touch with us via our contact form.