When it comes to being organized, we’re all different – some people have to keep everything shipshape and squared away, while others are happy to live in chaos until it overwhelms them! But we wouldn’t be rose plastic if we hadn’t already developed a clever solution for this! Our modular storage systems are the perfect way to ensure order in the workplace in next to no time.

A neat and clearly structured workplace improves efficiency, eliminates those dreaded “I know it’s here somewhere” moments, and, as a result, increases your productivity. At the same time, being well organized is also a great way to protect your tools, instruments, technical components, spare parts, or office supplies against dirt and damage. And of course, there’s also the feel-good factor of knowing everything is in its proper place!

StorePack: clever packaging, sales aid, and storage system in one

Are you looking for a modular packaging and storage system that can be flexibly adapted to the customer’s individual requirements? And one that’s also easy to use, impresses thanks to its high-quality workmanship, and also scores in terms of sustainability? Then we highly recommend our talented all-arounder: StorePack. Using this well-designed system is a cinch – your screws, nuts, washers, or dowels are packaged in practical modules to ensure they are optimally presented at the point of sale. Your customers can attach the individual packaging modules to a customizable dimpled mat with a single click – and thus design their own customized drawer insert. Pretty clever, right?

Modular Storage System StorePack

Smart packaging, sales promotion and storage system in one solution - perfectly organized and safely stored.

  • modular packaging, sales and organization system
  • sustainable packaging with the additional benefit of an organization system
  • wide product range to suit individual applications
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AQURADO®: a modular storage system that brings order to every drawer

Our AQURADO® modular system helps you eliminate chaos from your workplace. Whether in the office, laboratory, workshop, or production floor, its innovative modular design allows infinite applications. And it’s ready for use in a heartbeat – simply cut the base pad to the size of the drawer and insert the required modules. It simply couldn’t be easier! And the best part? AQURADO® has the right plastic module for everything – no matter what you need to store in it: tools, instruments, laboratory supplies, office supplies, industrial components, spare parts, etc., etc., etc. There are even special modules for speciality tools and instruments, such as calipers, collets, and twist drills. The individual plastic modules are made of sturdy plastic and are extremely durable. In addition, they are resistant to oil, gasoline, fats, acids, and bases – making them ideal for use in laboratories and workshops.

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