ProtectiveCap — sometimes less is more

ProtectiveCap: perfect protection of tool cutting edges.

Flexible, light and suitable for multiple tool diameters. The new Protective Caps cover a wide range of sizes.

Expensive quality tools need to be given the protection they deserve. With the new ProtectiveCaps by rose plastic, damaged cutting edges will be a thing of the past. Flexible EVA material ensures easy fitting and removal. So what’s new?  The new protective end caps are available in twelve sizes. Each size suits multiple milling cutter sizes. This simplifies the ordering and minimizes expenses for logistics and warehousing.


Flexible, light and suitable protection for multiple tool diameters

  • suitable for tools from Ø 3 mm up to Ø 30 mm
  • the single sizes are suitable for multiple tool diameters
  • flexible material for easy assembly and removal
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